What is a Remix?


For this assignment I had a little trouble completing in the format that was suggested, but I tried to make it work given what I had. Since, I didn’t completed this assignment until I got back to my dorm and a bit too late at night I couldn’t really interview somebody else but I did my best to recreate this interview style with another person. As for the content, I pretty much gave a run down on what I believe to be the differences between a mashup and a remix. Although I had the general idea ahead of time there were a few things that were new to me. For example, the legality involved in recreating other people’s content. I know its a divisive issue and can really become a concern when people seek to commercialize other people’s content. However, as a hobbyist and student I think we have good intentions and simple want to be creative.

In addition to the audio part, I also took a look at 3 of the remix/mashup examples posted on the assignment page. One that I watched was called The Shining Recut which I felt was a very obvious attempt at a remix rather than a mashup. While it did use a new narration and theme song, the recut was made entirely from the original final and simply manipulated in a clever way.

A second video that I watched was Don’t Tase Me Bro/MC Hammer which I felt was a good example of a mashup. It combined two different pieces of content, one being the John Kerry video and the other a music video. I think it was creative and well blended giving it a humorous appeal.

The third remix I looked at was a redo of famous comic strips by Ryan Dunlavey. I would say this falls into the category of a remix because while the content was new it stuck to one style and didn’t try and bring multiple together. These were well down and creative because while the author followed the style of a certain comic strip it had entirely new artwork.