Week 13 and 14 Summary

As I’ve come to expect, the content from each week grows increasingly more difficult. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed some of the assignments this week through the use of remixing. It can be a very thin line in the world of remixes. While it is important to give the original artist all due credit, sampling and interpretation of other peoples work is often a mainstay in the creative process. It can be hard to judge sometimes whether or not you’ve appropriated another’s work too much or just the right amount. However, I do think people should be given the right to try even if they end up in the wrong. I think this subject becomes even more weary with the inclusion of compensation and whether or not your trying to make money off the content. For our purposes though, open source and open use I think is very beneficial in the learning and creative process.

As far as the content this week goes there were quite a few assignments I enjoyed and others a bit less so. The Mozilla Popcorn assignment certainly has a wide variety of opinions on it for better or worse. Although I found it tricky and lacking in some essential editing tools, I like the idea of popcorn especially as a free web based program. I thoroughly enjoyed the individual mashup assignment and thought there was a pretty good variety to choose from. Included in this are the assignments I created which although time consuming were very rewarding. The remix generator which somewhat hit or miss. I found some of the options very amusing and interesting but the vast majority were incompatible.

Overall, I can really see the creative purpose of this week. Whereas in other weeks we have been given the task to interpreted or amend other works, this week really incorporated an imaginative process. Looking forward to finishing up in the coming two weeks.


For the first assignment I included my own interpretation of “What is a Remix?” This included my video and a few thoughts on the video list.

My second assignment dealt with Mozilla Popcorn in “Alan Goes on a Vacation Remix”. In this I detail how Alan will prepare for a trip to Hawaii.

The third assignment deals with the remix generator in creating “Creep on a movie scene (Remix)”. Here I recreated the original assignment and added a little kick.

Additionally, I also did three other mashup assignments. One called Will Smith Transformation, another named Rocky Fight Club, and finally Sports Bird Mashup. These use a mixture of video and design editing to total 11 stars out of the 9 needed.

My tutorial for this week gives a detailed account on the photo editing site pixlr and how to use it completing one of the mashup assignments.. Although some may use photoshop or Gimp, pixlr has some of its own advantages.

Finally, I included my two created assignments. One is called Video Game Cover Mashup and the other This Doesn’t Belong Here. Since this was mashup week, both of my created assignments are mashups.