This Doesn’t Belong Here

Tatooine Wilson

For this created assignment, I came up with the idea of mashing two iconic movie scenes in a subtle way called “This Doesn’t Belong Here”. For some movies, a prop or an image has become the greatest symbol of what the theme or movie was about. I wanted to use such an identifiable tool in an equally iconic movie scene to where it did not necessarily stand out.

Screenshot (55)

In the example that I created I used a background image from the first Star Wars movie which pictures Luke Skywalker staring out at the famous double moons. I then took the volleyball, Wilson, from Castaway and replaced one of the moons. While this isn’t the most difficult assignment, completing it in a subtle way can be challenging. Therefore, it receives 2 Stars.


1. I googled both the Star Wars image and Wilson,then uploaded it into pixlr. Since the sizes of the images were very different, I had to reduce the volleyball by 300 pixels.

Screenshot (52)

2. I then used the lasso tool to copy only the volleyball.

Screenshot (53)

3. Then, I simply copy and pasted it onto the other image.

Screenshot (54)