Sports Bird Mashup

Bird Mashup

For one of my Mashup Assignments, I chose to do Your Favorite Teams Mashup. Being a big sports fan this one was right up my alley, so I knew what I wanted to go with ahead of time. I decided to mashup my two favorite football teams, with one being the Philadelphia Eagles and the other the Virginia Tech Hokies. Also, I decided to include a hockey logo from the Detroit Red Wings.

The basic premise of this assignment was simple, but it was tricky at times in its execution. I started off by googling images of all three logos and picking what parts of them I wanted to put on the other. I used the VT Hokie as the base, added the Philadelphia Eagle as the head, and tacked on the Red Wings for the back end. I then did a little more editing to fill in some blank spots.

Pic: Adding the final piece

Screenshot (37)

*** 3 Stars ***