Rocky Fight Club


For my second mashup assignment, I decided to jump into the world of photoshop and complete a Movie Mashup in the form of a poster. I thought for quite a while on this one and made a mashup using Fight Club and the movie Rocky. While the plots of the two movies aren’t the same they contain the same broad focus of fighting.

I started off by looking up movie posters for both movies and found one I really liked for Fight Club. I then cut and paste a similar looking picture from the Rocky poster and arranged it with the others. Then, the tricky part came when I had to change the the credit names to include Sylvester Stallone. I luckily found the same font type of the movie poster at and was able to match the colors to where it blended in well.

1 Created lettering with the same font from

Screenshot (38)

2. Blending the font with the movie poster

Screenshot (39)

Overall, I think this one came out well and I enjoyed the process.

*** 4 Stars ***