Mashup Assignment Pixlr Tutorial

For this assignment I decided to give a run down on one of the applications I use quite frequently for this class. Similar to Adobe photoshop and GIMP, pixlr is a web based application used for photo editing. It may have its limits in regards to certain details and tools but as a simple application it can be very easy to use.

Specifically, I decided to use this pixlr tutorial on one of the assignment I created this past week called Movie Mashup. In this assignment you must blend two movie posters together. Therefore, I decided to show you every step of the way in greater detail.

1. Upload the two pictures which you desire to mashup.

Screenshot (59)

2. Since the image sizes vary greatly, you will need to adjust them. You can do this by clicking on the picture you wish to change and using the image tab

Screenshot (60)

3. Next, use the box tool on the left hand side to capture the part of the image you wish to copy and paste.

Screenshot (61)

4. Then, copy…

Screenshot (62)

5. Then paste on new image. Click on the move tool to move the image where you want it.

Screenshot (65)

6. With that complete, were onto the the second portion of the task. You should first erase a small portion of the original text and use black paint to match the background. Also, we need to include in the credits Sylvester Stallone’s name in the style of the movie. To do this go to

Screenshot (71)

7. Now upload the generated image to pixlr and use the capture tool. Then copy and paste onto the new image and using the move tool blend it in with the rest of the picture.

Screenshot (70)

While this may be simple to many, at first it was a bit of a challenge to me, so hopefully if anybody wants to use it they find my tutorial somewhat helpful.