Part One: The Endorser


This is the first part of my final project!

To begin my tale on Winnie the Pooh, I decided to be creative and make my own assignment to represent the narrative. For this design assignment, I came up with an Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character. Since the overall theme of my project follows Winnie the Pooh, I though it would be fitting to have him endorse honey, which he well known as being a fan of.

I started out the assignment by using an existing ad for Roof Top honey and erased a few of the unnecessary images so that it was a relatively clean looking background. I then found a large image of Winnie that really seemed to match with the idea I was going for. Lastly, I went to and found a really good looking font originally used by the fashion company Hermes. Since this is an advertisement, I came up with a clever quip to reel in the customers.

Editing the image with pixlr:

Screenshot (74)

As I mentioned I also submitted this as a new design assignment and think its a fun way to incorporate different themes with different characters.

Screenshot (79)