Part 6: Coming Full Circle

For the final piece in my storyline, Winnie and The Bees showdown in an epic finale which tests the resolve of both parties stuck in their stubborn ways. Well…maybe not. Personally, I like to leave things a little open ended and let the reader do some interpretation. Therefore, this assignment gives a few visual clues one what will occur but in the end is left up to the imagination.

I choose to complete a video mashup assignment called “Movie Trailer Mashup” which uses video editing to combine the potential storylines of different movies into a new storyline. Since Winnie has been pitted against the bees, this trailer combines narratives from both sides into a anticipatory tale. I also made a minor edit to the assignment in using an actual episode of Winnie the Pooh instead of a trailer. However, I did use a trailer from The Bee Movie which came out in 2007.


As you can tell, the trailer is a rather dramatic interpretation of what their final confrontation was like. The bees, who have had enough with the thievery of Winnie and friends, have prepared with high tech equipment and an organized approach. Where as Winnie along with his pals, Tigger and Piglet, have decided to go about it Wild West style.

I completed this assignment, I spent a good amount of time editing video segments in Windows Movie Maker. I started off by searching Youtube for content related to what I had in mind. When I found two scenes that I liked, I downloaded them using which converts them into Mp4s. I also downloaded the trailer from the recent movie Godzilla which served as my narrative and background music.

Since the Winnie the Pooh clip was almost 21 minutes long, I spent a while editing that down to separate clips totaling about a minute and 20 seconds. I did the same with The Bee Movie trailer using about 40 seconds of it. I tried to edit the clips to where the soundtrack rose and fell according to the scene.

Downloading videos:

Screenshot (85)

Video Editing process:

Screenshot (84)


Overall, I’m happy with the way things turned out. Obviously, it won’t be perfect because the trailers are composed of clips trying to promote their narrative and not mine, but worked out anyways.