Part 3: Making A Statement

For part 3 of Winnie’s saga we see a more political and media savvy version of the pooh bear. I searched for quite a while to find an assignment that would fit the bill but in the end I decided to create something new. This was another jump into design assignments with my photo edited version of Winnie the Pooh making a very important press conference.

Winnie Press Conference

While he may be hamming it up, Winnie understood the severity of the honey crisis and has stated that he will confront the bees in order to see things back to normal.

For this assignment, I did not create a new submission because the theme I chose was relatively narrow. I needed something to tie my story together and figured this was a pretty good attempt.

This was also a lot more tricky than I had originally anticipated. I started out with an image of Ban-Ki Moon the former head of the U.N. addressing the media. I then replaced him with a stencil picture of Winnie the Pooh and used the eye-dropper from another picture of Winnie to match the colors. With a little more erasing and editing I ended up with the final result. All was accomplished using pixlr.


Screenshot (77)

Near end of editing process:

Screenshot (78)