Final Project Summary / DS106 Wrap-Up

In my final project I used 4 different forms of media combining Audio, Video, Web, and Visual Assignments. Of my 6 assignments, 4 were assignments found in the assignment bank. They include Storytelling Within the Web (3.5 Stars), Wanted Poster (2.5 Stars), Sound Effects Story (3.5 Stars), and Movie Trailer Mashup (5 Stars). In addition, I created one assignment and added it to the assignment bank called Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character which I gave 3 stars. I also completed one more assignment that I did not submit.

Although it was challenging to come up with a narrative and find ways to interpret it through media, I really enjoyed this as a creative project rather than study for a simple exam. I learned a lot this semester, far more so than I had anticipated. Personally, I hope to continue working with video editing and photoshop in the future.

Final Storyline

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