DS106 Propaganda Poster


I thought this was a really neat assignment and something that I had never done before. I am quite a novice to digital design and thought this would be far more difficult than it turned out being. After searching though Google images for a bit I settled on a poster which promoted increased weapon production and thought it would a good ds106 poster. Here is the original..


Since I don’t have photoshop I uploaded it to pixlr.com which has a decent variety of photo editing tools. I started by erasing the bottom text box and replacing it with my own text and a different shade of brown. I then filled in the heading text to match colors. The next part was a bit more difficult. I erased the red lettering and filled it in with a light blue color to match the background. Then I put in new textboxes and researched on how to rotate text. After figuring this out I was pretty much done.

I must say I really enjoyed this assignment and I learned a lot in a short amount of time. I know some aspects of it could be a bit cleaner but it was a learning experience and I think I can build on this.

Assignment Link – 3 Stars