Creep on a movie scene [Remixed]: DS106-ersizing

The-Warriors DS106

I started off on this assignment not knowing what to expect but eventually found it to be somewhat of a fun and interesting experience. I enjoyed taking a piece of content and making something completely random out of it. The Remix generator itself produces its fair share of great matches and equally dismal matches. In the end, I settled on Creep on a Movie Scene Design Assignment remixed with DS106-erizing.

In this project I had to add myself to a movie scene in a weird and somewhat creepy way. I chose the movie “The Warriors” which is a favorite of mine and implemented my head onto one of the warriors bodies. Additionally, the remix portion called for making the assignment promote ds106. So I added a template in the image calling for all willing volunteers to join the warriors of ds06.

I had originally wanted to interpret someone else’s completion of the assignment however none of the links were valid so I simply decided to make my own. In the end the remix constituted a total of 3 Stars.


1. I started of by downloading the Warriors image off of Google and opening it into pixlr. I then downloaded a picture of myself and implemented the picture on the Warriors image.

Screenshot (47)

2. I then downloaded a new template off of and created the ds106 advertisement.

Screenshot (49)