Best of Set


In the best of photo set, I decided to compile my favorite pictures which I took this week and a few which I took a while ago. The ones which I included from this week were an example of lighting and shadowing and one of color contrast. I thought both of these stood out an were more aesthetic than the others. The light contrasts in the first photo provided an unusual level of tranquility in the middle of a college campus. The second I thought was my best this week contrasted a dull wall and doorframe with the brightly colored sprinkler system. The redness was very striking and enhanced the character of the room. My third photo is of a beach in Puerto Vallarta which is a relatively simple paradise picture. However, the hues of pink and orange really illuminated the sky. The fourth picture was of a hotel I once stayed at and I thought provided an interesting perspective with conversing lines. The last picture of Guanajuato is a colorful mixture of unconvential lines and architecture.

In a second note, I did have a bit of trouble trying to embed the flickr gallery. The Awesome Flickr plugin will not work no matter what I do however, the Flickr Set Slideshows was very easy to implement and embed.