Alan Goes On Vacation Remix

This assignment was one of the most difficult I’ve done in quite a while. The Mash-up Assignment which is called “Where Should Alan Go on Vacation?” is completed using the web browser program Mozilla Popcorn. Having never used it before, there was a bit of a learning curve in completing this assignment.

I started off with the Popcorn Mashup of Alan in the edited format but soon ran into problems. I really disliked the split scenes and white screens which came up so after tinkering around for a while, I simply deleted them and upload the full video uninterrupted. I then added some pictures and audio to round out the video.

For Alan’s vacation, I had him visit Hawaii with the beautiful sand beaches and great weather. I first referenced this using the map and wikipedia page. I then built on this theme using the lei in his suitcase and the Hawaiian dollar to fund the trip. Additionally, the inclusion of Jack Johnson’s “Better Together (Hawaiian Version)”, I think complemented the video quite well. I finished it by adding a short montage of Hawaii.

Screenshot of Editing:

Screenshot (51)