Final Project Summary / DS106 Wrap-Up

In my final project I used 4 different forms of media combining Audio, Video, Web, and Visual Assignments. Of my 6 assignments, 4 were assignments found in the assignment bank. They include Storytelling Within the Web (3.5 Stars), Wanted Poster (2.5 Stars), Sound Effects Story (3.5 Stars), and Movie Trailer Mashup (5 Stars). In addition, I created one assignment and added it to the assignment bank called Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character which I gave 3 stars. I also completed one more assignment that I did not submit.

Although it was challenging to come up with a narrative and find ways to interpret it through media, I really enjoyed this as a creative project rather than study for a simple exam. I learned a lot this semester, far more so than I had anticipated. Personally, I hope to continue working with video editing and photoshop in the future.

Final Storyline

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5   Part 6

The Bitter Taste of Honey (Final Project)

In the luscious lands of the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh has spent the past few years enjoying retirement after his many adventures and stay in the limelight. He has devoted his time to inspiring children in the gift of reading and creative writing. However, he has also been a longtime supporter of his guilty pleasure, honey. So much so, that he has been part of a wildly successful campaign to sell Roof Top honey.


Although Winnie enjoys a level of great admiration among fellow animals and mankind alike, the honey bees of the Hundred Acre Wood have grow increasingly hostile to what they see as blatant thievery regarding their honey. In recent days, they have made the controversial decision to ban honey production and called on bees everywhere to follow suit.

Screenshot (73)

Naturally, their has been a major public outcry. People everywhere have grow frustrated with the situation and demanded action be taken. Many have called upon Winnie to solve the problem in which he has large influence. This past weekend, Winnie did just that. He called a press conference in which he labeled bees vindictive and stated that they should resume production or face confrontation.

Winnie Press Conference

While this address may have resonated with honey lovers, bees everywhere became outraged. They felt this was an aggressive stance, simply looking to take continued advantage of them. One bee colony was so enraged they issued a bounty for his capture, only increasing the hostility.


After this, Winnie knew the score and was determined to right what he felt was wrong. He called his close allies and trusted friends Tigger, Piglet, Owl, and Roo. With them, Winnie felt he had a chance to bring down the honey bee hierarchy and again see the day where honey flooded the streets again. This past evening, Winnie finally met up with his trusted comrades some of whom he had not seen in years.

In absolute secrecy they devised a plan, that they felt would result in certain victory. Dressed from head to toe in Wild West apparel they headed to the train station where they would carry out the first of many operations.

On the other side, the bee colony of the Hundred Acre Woods prepared for the worst. They put together a battalion of their most trusted fighters with the highest technological gear. When push came to shove, they trusted their resolve and believed in their cause.

The final outcome of this confrontation is currently unknown. While we can imagine the strife and despair from both vantage points, the tumultuous outcome has left us all wondering if there was a better way. We all hope that some day, the Hundred Acre Wood returns to a beacon of stability and hope.

Week 13 and 14 Summary

As I’ve come to expect, the content from each week grows increasingly more difficult. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed some of the assignments this week through the use of remixing. It can be a very thin line in the world of remixes. While it is important to give the original artist all due credit, sampling and interpretation of other peoples work is often a mainstay in the creative process. It can be hard to judge sometimes whether or not you’ve appropriated another’s work too much or just the right amount. However, I do think people should be given the right to try even if they end up in the wrong. I think this subject becomes even more weary with the inclusion of compensation and whether or not your trying to make money off the content. For our purposes though, open source and open use I think is very beneficial in the learning and creative process.

As far as the content this week goes there were quite a few assignments I enjoyed and others a bit less so. The Mozilla Popcorn assignment certainly has a wide variety of opinions on it for better or worse. Although I found it tricky and lacking in some essential editing tools, I like the idea of popcorn especially as a free web based program. I thoroughly enjoyed the individual mashup assignment and thought there was a pretty good variety to choose from. Included in this are the assignments I created which although time consuming were very rewarding. The remix generator which somewhat hit or miss. I found some of the options very amusing and interesting but the vast majority were incompatible.

Overall, I can really see the creative purpose of this week. Whereas in other weeks we have been given the task to interpreted or amend other works, this week really incorporated an imaginative process. Looking forward to finishing up in the coming two weeks.


For the first assignment I included my own interpretation of “What is a Remix?” This included my video and a few thoughts on the video list.

My second assignment dealt with Mozilla Popcorn in “Alan Goes on a Vacation Remix”. In this I detail how Alan will prepare for a trip to Hawaii.

The third assignment deals with the remix generator in creating “Creep on a movie scene (Remix)”. Here I recreated the original assignment and added a little kick.

Additionally, I also did three other mashup assignments. One called Will Smith Transformation, another named Rocky Fight Club, and finally Sports Bird Mashup. These use a mixture of video and design editing to total 11 stars out of the 9 needed.

My tutorial for this week gives a detailed account on the photo editing site pixlr and how to use it completing one of the mashup assignments.. Although some may use photoshop or Gimp, pixlr has some of its own advantages.

Finally, I included my two created assignments. One is called Video Game Cover Mashup and the other This Doesn’t Belong Here. Since this was mashup week, both of my created assignments are mashups.


Week 11 and 12 Summary

These past two have definitely been a new and challenging experience. As with a lot of  computer related mediums I am a novice to video so I really had to learn from the ground up. I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past for a couple projects and assignments but that was using simple pictures and audio. The introduction of actual video and learning how to edit it was a challenge at first. However, after watching tutorials on Youtube and reading the experiences of other students I quickly picked it up and made the best of it. For that I’m really grateful that part of our assignment write up is to explain how we accomplished certain things. I also found Windows Movie Maker to be very simple and minimal which helped a lot in jumping into video. Additionally, I became familiar with new software such as WavePad and Camtasia which have characteristics that allowed me to complete assignments far easier than any other way. Overall, I like working with video and I think its one of if not the best form of digital storytelling. There are so many aspects such as movement, sound, and visual impressions which can help tell a story. On the downside, I was a little disappointed in the Daily Creates over the past couple weeks. Given that this is video, I expected more video daily creates than just one.

I started off last week doing my videos with my first one being Chipmunks of the Dead which employed audio changes to make them sound like chipmunks. It was enjoyable working with WavePad to accomplish this. My second video was Those Bleeping Idiots which used censorship and was more challenging than I first anticipated. My third video was a collage based on the number Five and made in an introspective manner. My fourth visual assignment was a Sports Mashup that involved gutsy performances. My last chosen assignment was a Collection of clips that followed a running gag from a favorite show of mine called South Park. Overall, I ended up with 18.5 stars on 5 assignments.

However, the toughest assignment of the week for me was definitely Having a Conersation With Myself which I had no idea how to do until reading a few posts from other students. In the end I think it turned out alright and helped me learn how to work with Camtasia.

This is my collection of Daily Creates from the week. I enjoyed the topic on a lot of them, but as I was saying I was hoping to get practice with some video Daily Creates which never showed up.

Overall, I think it was a great week and I look forward to getting more involved with video!


Week 10 Summary

This week was a mixture of new and old with the introduction of video content. I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past to upload a few videos to Youtube so this medium isn’t completely foreign but it has been a while and I certainly needed a few pointers. I like MPEG Streamclip which after a few runs through seemed to be easy enough. However, more than anything this week I learned a great deal of editing techniques in film. The video examples and Roger Ebert’s column were very informative in identifying transitions from scene to scene. I enjoyed applying these concepts in three part challenge and in my own attempts at editing. Lastly, the identification of genres was an important aspect I had never really gotten into. I have long recognized things in Youtube that were very similar but had not really grouped them before. I am certainly looking forward to next week were we can put these skills into action.

I started off this week by jumping into editing techniques used in movies. I read Roger Ebert’s guide and watched a few of the infomercials and applied them to the 3 Part Analysis of a scene from the movie 300. I then looked up a few more interesting tidbits on how that movie was shot and what genre it would fall into in my Exploring Assignment. Additionally, I put my editing skills to the test combining two addition videos from the movie.

I also payed a visit to the Google Docs page where I read up on some of the different genres within Youtube. I have often acknowledged certain segments within Youtube that were similar whether they be informative or pop culture pieces but I had a good time searching through and adding my submission.

Additionally, I made a great attempt to plan ahead in my task for next week in the Pre-Production Assignment. I found quite a few of the assignments to be interesting or challenging. I think the ones I chose will prove to be both.

The Daily Creates for this week were a mixed bag but I found a couple of them to be fun such as the Zeugma which got the creative juices flowing. I was surprised there were no video daily creates to prep us in advance.

Finally, this week I listening to a great radio show performance by Mary Hauntington. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound effect quality and overall theme of the broadcast. I also listened to my groups show which had a few good storytelling moments but also a couple of things that could definitely use some improvement. Here are my thoughts in greater detail.

Overall, I great week of preparation for the upcoming jump into video!


Week 9 Summary

Assignment Summary

This week was great in learning and creating unique design principles. After getting through the audio assignments the past two weeks, I was glad to jump into design which is one of my favorite mediums. Although I don’t have photoshop, I have gained a great deal of comfort with programs such as GIMP and pixlr and look forward to challenging myself in recreating photos with new design principles. This week was also my first time using Pinterest which is something I was always a bit wary of. I was surprised by its ease of use and appreciate the aesthetic appeal which it presents. Although we weren’t able to do the radio show broadcast this week, the other assignments certainly filled my time and allowed for a creative outlet.

For the three Visual Assignments due this week, I completed the Pinterest Dream Vacation, the History Maps Story, and Storytelling Within the Web. As mentioned the Pinterest assignment was something entirely new for me, but I picked up on it quickly and enjoy the look of the final product. The History Maps story was a neat assignment and made use of my Google Maps Skills. There were a few problem here and there but I like the idea of storytelling through traveling. Finally the required assignment of the week, Storytelling Within the Web was a lot of fun and one of my favorite assignments done throughout this class. I’m not very knowledgeable in script writing so I appreciated the ease of use with the X-Ray Goggles. In the end, I completed 6 stars worth of option assignments as well as the 3 star storytelling.

The other assignments I completed this week were more educational and informative. For one I created a Radio Commercial tutorial which gave a relatively detailed account on how to make a commercial like the one due last week. It was a different experience thinking about how to inform and teach others. Secondly, I made an assignment called Honest Video Game Covers which I thought was a fun but time consuming use of photoshopping skills that others could engage in.

Finally, I did three Daily Creates this week and created a short story which tied the themes of all three together. While it was an interesting concept, the variety and types of Daily Creates this week weren’t very conducive to such an exercise however I gave it my best attempt.

Overall, I enjoyed this week a lot and look forward to listening to our radio broadcasts this upcoming Thursday!

Week 7 and 8 Summary

Assignment Summary

This was a challenging two weeks in terms of audio assignments and group projects. I must admit that audio is not my favorite medium by it has grown on me. When, I first started using Audacity I was without a clue but since then I’ve grown fairly comfortable with it. The group assignment is also a new challenge especially in coordinating our themes and topics and turning them into an interesting storytelling production. In all, I’ve enjoyed getting more comfortable with these assignments.

For the optional audio assignments this week I chose The Product Placement Ad and the Sardonic Mashup. I enjoyed the Product Placement Ad mainly because it was an interesting concept to search for these products in TV shows and movies and implement them into an actual ad that promoted the product. The Sardonic Mashup was kind of fun because I decided to go with something comedic. Finding blooper reels and adding humorous music to them is always a good time.

For the other two audio assignments we had to make a Radio Bumper and Radio Commercial for my group Picante Radio. I think it helps a lot on these kind of assignments to have a theme to work with. The name Picante Radio has a bit of a latin flair to it so I applied this concept to my bumper. The commercial was a bit more challenging in trying to come up with something that identified our program while still being appealing.

The Foley Sounds was something that I had been nervous about after reading some posts by other people. However, I didn’t find it so hard to come up with relevant sounds, it was placing them in the right time slot that was tricky.

Radio Reflection

It was a bit of a learning experience in trying to collaborate and compile a radio show entirely online. We did most of our collaboration through Canvas with Daniel suggesting of topic of “Where were you when…?” which I think was creative and relatable. Although we all made group logos we settled on Thomas’ logo which had great graphics. As per my contributions, I created the radio bumper and commercial which I think are pretty good. I also contributed a five minute segment were I really focused on storytelling from a personal standpoint. It’s kind of an awkward experience recording yourself for such a period of time especially when your doing something on storytelling. It is not the most nature thing and very unlike a conversation where there is feedback. In any case. I look forward to hearing the segment in its entirety with the inclusion of the bumper and commercial.

Daily Creates

1) The Daily Creates of the past two week were a mixture of fun and weird. I enjoyed ones such as the Sunday Listicle and Carl. They combined elements of creativeness in their writing concepts.

Week Six Summary

As the weeks go by, I have found myself enjoying the content on these assignments more and more. This week is no exception. I started off by doing the Visual Assignments first after reading some of the prompts which piqued my interest.

My first was the Six Word Memoir which was fairly tricky in coming up with. Such an assignment really boils down a big experience or situation into a very compact expression which makes it challenging.

Next, I started to work on the ds106 Propaganda Poster which was a great learning experience. I have very little exposure to photoshop so learning how the tools work and how to properly cut and paste things on one another was time consuming but totally worth it.

My third assignment was a take on Minimalist Book Covers which followed in the same vein as the previous assignment. However, I felt that design principles showed their weight in this one more than any other. It can be very difficult to narrow down a concept like that and then see it come to actuality. Looking back I also think it was the best I did on any of the designs.

My fourth assignment happened to be One Story Four Icons. I felt this was relatively simple and looking back, wish I might have done something a little more challenging. However, there are plenty who might not get it at first. I also think most of my icons were aesthetically pleasing which I really set out to do.

My fifth and final task was The Ultimate Merger which I thought turned out alright. I really enjoyed this prompt and thought it was clever. I had trouble sizing things in photoshop so that was an experience in and of itself.

In all I completed 15.5 Stars worth of Visual Assignments.

After the Visual Assignments, I took on the task of the Design Safari which proved to more difficult I think than last weeks photoblitz. The design principals can be very abstract so in some instances you have to dig deep and really interpret some of the normal designs and colors around you.

In all, this week was equal parts creative learning and technical learning. You have to challenge yourself to see things in a different way and then learn how to apply them technologically. I got very frustrated a few times due to photoshop and things not working out as I thought they should but I really enjoy this type of medium. I would say its better than Audacity in terms of user friendliness.

Daily Creates:

Glass & Water

For this daily create I simply swirled water around in a glass coffee maker. I was a bit perplexed at the point of this and still am. Living on dorm I unfortunately didn’t have any attractive china or glass which would have been more aesthetic.

Empathy Map

I thought this was a pretty reflective task and really brings home some of the emotions that we get during the week.

TDC Powers of Ten

This was slightly interesting in terms of creating a collage which incorporated various daily creates which I’ve done and acknowledged the 1000 mark.

I Feel Hungry

I like this daily create because it was rather simple but gave room for creativity. I truly went with my emotions at that moment and drew a comical picture which I think aptly described the situation.


As far as radio is concerned our group has made progress this week and have done so mostly through Canvas. One of our group members Daniel came up with the idea of having a weekly debate and discussion on our weekly topics. I think this can work well because its relevant not only to us but our entire class. We also consider doing an individual segment where each person can give their ideas on a particular topic. Thomas also contributed big time with the group logo which is posted below.

Picante Radio

In the end, I thought this week was a great experience and I am looking forward to the next.


Week 5 Summary

As a whole, I found Week 5 to be quite enjoyable even more so than Week 4. One of the greatest challenges was getting into a photographer mindset and finding content close by. I have never been much of a photographer other than the cliche tourist photo ops. I only have a camera phone so I knew going in that I may not be to capture everything I wanted to. However, I was surprised by the variety of settings such as filters that were available and tried my best to incorporate them into my work.

The best assignment by far was the photoblitz which made concentrate on everything around me in order to find decent content in the allotted time. I roamed some of the wooded areas on campus and found some great examples of lighting and shading. The construction areas also had some unique equipment and colorful items which you may not immediately consider. As far as photography is concerned, I found it to be a balancing act between using filters while not coming off as cheap or corny.

Secondly, I enjoyed the visual assignments because of the creative liberties that were given. There were a variety of assignments to choose from, each different from the last. I chose to make a video in one, a gif in the other, and pictures for the third. They were all challenging because of the creative content and form in which they were made. However, I must say that it has gotten easier to use a variety of mediums. I think the daily creates have helped a lot in this.

If there is one thing I need to work it is probably the storytelling idea. Having gotten comfortable with the content and applications I think it will be easier to progress into actual storytelling. In all I think Week 5 was enjoyable and something I could continue to get into.

Here are the assignments completed this week:

1) How to Become A Better Photographer

Google Drive

2) Best of Set

3) DS106PhotoBlitz

Visual Assignments:

1) Apophenia – 3.5 Stars

2) Where Did The Soda Go? – 2 Stars

3) Journey to Somewhere – 3.5 Stars

Daily Creates

1) Ambient Sounds

– I think this was a great assignment and a great medium for storytelling. Instead of recording industrial noise pollution, I simply opened my window and took in the night time sounds.

2) Draw Jim Groom

– This daily create was a bit challenging because I do not have photoshop. However, I did my best using Windows Paint. I implanted Jim’s head on the body of Sasha Baron Cohan’s character from “The Dictator”. I thought this added a bit of comic relief.

3) Road Sign

– Once again using Windows Paint I recreated a classic scene from the cartoon “Coyote and the Roadrunner”. These cartoons were a staple of my childhood and thought it would be clever to incorporate it.

4) Favorite Song In Photo

– I chose a picture of a tiger’s eye which is a literal analogy to the song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Having been a big fan of the Rocky movies, this song was the first that popped into my head.

I joined a radio group which included Kevin, Ryan, Daniel, and Thomas going by the name Picante Radio.









Weekly Summary #2





This week was pretty big rise in terms of workload especially listening to the lectures by Wesch and Campbell. However, it was equally informative and help focus my blog a lot.

My first challenge was coming up with an idea and putting it into action for my gif. What I thought would be a hard process was thankfully quite easy. I’m glad I found a good scene that worked out to be 5 seconds.

While time consuming the speeches by Wesch and Campbell were very informative and made me reconsider how I use social media and what I can do to participate more. The insight by Campbell shed some light on the way the computer age can and should interact with the classroom. The podcast by Scott Lockman was also informative on how to approach podcasts and radio through a teacher student format.

The biggest trouble I has this week was with the plugins. I got Askimet and Jetpack up and running and they are great. However, I’ve had trouble with the API keys for both Twitter Tools and the Flickr plugin.

I was a bit shortsighted with the DailyCreate. I got the first one done but didn’t see the others as they got sent to the wrong e-mail. But I resubscribe so that should be fixed.