Part 4: Wanted

In Part 4 of the saga, we edge ever closer to the climax and confrontation that has been looming. For this one, I ended up going with a Visual Assignment which I had not completed before in the WANTED poster assignment.

With the tension building between Winnie and the bees over the honey crisis, things were bound to escalate sooner rather than later. Winnie’s long history of honey stealing and  unsympathetic attitude towards the bees has led them to issue a wanted poster.


As you can see this is one of the more mischievous looking examples of Winnie and fits the narrative that the bees have long proclaimed.

For this assignment, I used a wanted poster generator and chose the basic elements I thought would fit in the poster. The burned edges and parchment paper give the poster a rugged feel. I enjoyed working on this assignment and feel that it turned out well aesthetically.

Poster Generator Example:

Screenshot (76)

The Ultimate Merger

Coke Pepsi


For the ultimate merger, I decided to combine two classic soft drink companies. Those two being Coca Cola and Pepsi. This assignment started off very well and then I hit a bit of a nag with sizing but in the end turned out alright.

I started with the simple Coca Cola logo…


I went into pixlr and cleaned it up a bit by removing the white lettering. Then I went to a great site which I saw on someone else’s blog called There I chose the Coke font with the words “Pepsi Cola”. I then copy and pasted the two together which was a bit more challenging than it should have been. I struggled with the sizing of the two so the font isn’t as clean as I would have liked.

In all, I enjoyed trying this and found a neat website in which should come in handy in the future.

Assignment Link – 3.5 Stars


Apophenia – 3.5 Stars

I found this assignment to be far more difficult than I had anticipated. At its core it seems relatively simple, just find an object in your room and make something out of it. However, that was far from the truth. I sat for quite some time thinking of things that would not be too dull yet too complicated. I eventually settled on a neat looking screwdriver I had laying around and animated it in two different ways.

1) The rocket ship screwdriver


I had bigger plans for this at the beginning however the lack of photoshop made this slightly difficult. I took an inverted picture of the screwdriver, upload it, then added some effects from Microsoft Paint.

2) The Needle Screwdriver


I resulted to hand drawing a fairly obvious depiction of a doctor getting reading to give out immunizations.

Overall, this was a bit of a thinker. Certainly, not as easy as it looks.


Where Did The Soda Go?

Where Did The Soda Go? – 2 Stars

After making a gif in an earlier assignment I realized how easy they were so I decided to try my luck again. There is a popular sub on Reddit called “Where Did the Soda Go?” which parody the ridiculous nature of infomercials. I thought the most difficult aspect would be finding a video with a funny scene short enough to make into a gif. However, I quickly found a video that ticked all the boxes and was funnier than I had envisioned. I uploaded the video to and quickly had my gif. It’s So Slushy!


Journey to Somewhere

Journey to Somewhere – 3.5 Stars

For this assignment, I decided to journey to Berlin, Germany. I did a study abroad session there for two weeks during my sophomore year. It’s an amazing place, if you ever get the chance to visit, you should.

To complete the assignment, I rummaged though a bunch of photos I had and it was a bit difficult to narrow down the selection to just 2 images. I then used Windows Movie Maker to create a slideshow and added some music from a German house band called Seeed.


Say It Like The Peanut Butter


Napoleon Dynamite Kick

The gif I created is from the movie Napoleon Dynamite which is a treasure trove of funny scenes and one liners. This scene in particular is from when Napoleon and Kip visit the local martial arts academy and are left fairly unimpressed. Napoleon Dynamite is the kind of movie you either really love or hate, but over time it has become a favorite of mine.

As far as this assignment goes, the creation of a gif is far more simple than I had anticipated. I’ve always been a fan of them in providing a good laugh in an easy way. By simply googling how to make one, I ended up a which allowed me to make the gif without a whole lot of trouble. I would however prefer it to be longer and include more of the scene without the 5 second limit. Either way, I figure its not too bad for a first attempt.