The Bitter Taste of Honey (Final Project)

In the luscious lands of the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh has spent the past few years enjoying retirement after his many adventures and stay in the limelight. He has devoted his time to inspiring children in the gift of reading and creative writing. However, he has also been a longtime supporter of his guilty pleasure, honey. So much so, that he has been part of a wildly successful campaign to sell Roof Top honey.


Although Winnie enjoys a level of great admiration among fellow animals and mankind alike, the honey bees of the Hundred Acre Wood have grow increasingly hostile to what they see as blatant thievery regarding their honey. In recent days, they have made the controversial decision to ban honey production and called on bees everywhere to follow suit.

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Naturally, their has been a major public outcry. People everywhere have grow frustrated with the situation and demanded action be taken. Many have called upon Winnie to solve the problem in which he has large influence. This past weekend, Winnie did just that. He called a press conference in which he labeled bees vindictive and stated that they should resume production or face confrontation.

Winnie Press Conference

While this address may have resonated with honey lovers, bees everywhere became outraged. They felt this was an aggressive stance, simply looking to take continued advantage of them. One bee colony was so enraged they issued a bounty for his capture, only increasing the hostility.


After this, Winnie knew the score and was determined to right what he felt was wrong. He called his close allies and trusted friends Tigger, Piglet, Owl, and Roo. With them, Winnie felt he had a chance to bring down the honey bee hierarchy and again see the day where honey flooded the streets again. This past evening, Winnie finally met up with his trusted comrades some of whom he had not seen in years.

In absolute secrecy they devised a plan, that they felt would result in certain victory. Dressed from head to toe in Wild West apparel they headed to the train station where they would carry out the first of many operations.

On the other side, the bee colony of the Hundred Acre Woods prepared for the worst. They put together a battalion of their most trusted fighters with the highest technological gear. When push came to shove, they trusted their resolve and believed in their cause.

The final outcome of this confrontation is currently unknown. While we can imagine the strife and despair from both vantage points, the tumultuous outcome has left us all wondering if there was a better way. We all hope that some day, the Hundred Acre Wood returns to a beacon of stability and hope.