Part 5: Rounding the Troops

In the second to last installment of Winnie’s great adventure we see him visiting some old friends before his final confrontation with the bees. For this assignment, I re-completed a project that I had done earlier this semester in the form of audio. Many may remember the Sound Effects Story which was a personal favorite of mine, so I was happy to give it another shot.

In this short audio story we hear Winnie walking through the tall grass towards his friend, Christopher Robin’s house. Once making his way through the gravel driveway, he hear him open up the loud creaky door. Inside, he hear some commotion but quickly listen to some greetings from his closest friends. First, there is Piglet who lets out a few oinks. Then, a couple growls from Tigger and hoots from Owl. Lastly, we hear Roo the Kangaroo bouncing around. Sadly, Eeyore decided the plan was a little too daring for him and decided to sit this one out.

In completing this assignment, I used Audacity and I found a couple sound effects for walking through grass ad gravel and added them first. Then came the creaky door which there were plenty of examples for. I knew I wanted to bring some commotion into the fold so eventually I found a sound clip from a small gathering which worked well. Then came the animal sound effects. The effects for Tigger and Roo were relatively easy and they came from the cartoon show itself. However, Piglet and Owl were authentic animal noises which didn’t sound too overwhelming and fit the narrative.

I simply imported these sounds to Audacity and used the time-move tool and cut/paste to edit them into their correct positions.

Screenshot (82)


Delicious Product Placement Ad

For this assignment I was a bit unsure about what clip I should use because nothing came to mind at first. However, there is a show called Hawaii 5-0 that I used to watch and I remembered the often shameless product placement they would have on occasion. For the ad that I did, the two detectives interview a lead who is more than happy to give his opinion on Subway sandwiches. Again, I used to covert the clips in mp3 format. Here are the two sources. 1. Hawaii 5-0 Scene  2. Subway Ad

I used Audacity to complete this assignment and uploaded by mp3 files where I then arranged them to coincide with one another. Since the TV scene complied the full length of the product placement there was very little editing needed. However on the Subway ad, I cut the vast majority of except for the final few seconds which included the Subway jingle. I then used the Time Shift Tool to add it on the end of the TV scene. Here’s a screenshot:

Assignment – 2 Stars

Screenshot (3)

George Bush’s Sardonic Mashup

For this assignment, I had the task of mashing up something along the lines of a public apology, a commercial, or a pandering political speech with an accompanying tune. I decided to go with a collection of pandering political speeches by good ole George Bush. Politics aside, he had his fair share of gaffes and humorous moments which I though would go well with a whimsical song. I eventually settled on a song called Winchester Cathedral by The New Vaudeville Band and I think it turned out alright.

As far as completing this assignment, I started off in Youtube trying to find both a good speech and song. Once I found them, I used to save them to my computer. I then upload both to Audacity and edited them to necessity. Since the Speech was longer than the song, quite a bit was trimmed off and it took out some laughing sequences to make the speech more apparent. Here’s a screenshot of what it looked like when done. The speech was on the top and the song on the bottom.

Assignment – 3 Stars

Screenshot (2)