Final Project Summary / DS106 Wrap-Up

In my final project I used 4 different forms of media combining Audio, Video, Web, and Visual Assignments. Of my 6 assignments, 4 were assignments found in the assignment bank. They include Storytelling Within the Web (3.5 Stars), Wanted Poster (2.5 Stars), Sound Effects Story (3.5 Stars), and Movie Trailer Mashup (5 Stars). In addition, I created one assignment and added it to the assignment bank called Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character which I gave 3 stars. I also completed one more assignment that I did not submit.

Although it was challenging to come up with a narrative and find ways to interpret it through media, I really enjoyed this as a creative project rather than study for a simple exam. I learned a lot this semester, far more so than I had anticipated. Personally, I hope to continue working with video editing and photoshop in the future.

Final Storyline

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5   Part 6

The Bitter Taste of Honey (Final Project)

In the luscious lands of the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh has spent the past few years enjoying retirement after his many adventures and stay in the limelight. He has devoted his time to inspiring children in the gift of reading and creative writing. However, he has also been a longtime supporter of his guilty pleasure, honey. So much so, that he has been part of a wildly successful campaign to sell Roof Top honey.


Although Winnie enjoys a level of great admiration among fellow animals and mankind alike, the honey bees of the Hundred Acre Wood have grow increasingly hostile to what they see as blatant thievery regarding their honey. In recent days, they have made the controversial decision to ban honey production and called on bees everywhere to follow suit.

Screenshot (73)

Naturally, their has been a major public outcry. People everywhere have grow frustrated with the situation and demanded action be taken. Many have called upon Winnie to solve the problem in which he has large influence. This past weekend, Winnie did just that. He called a press conference in which he labeled bees vindictive and stated that they should resume production or face confrontation.

Winnie Press Conference

While this address may have resonated with honey lovers, bees everywhere became outraged. They felt this was an aggressive stance, simply looking to take continued advantage of them. One bee colony was so enraged they issued a bounty for his capture, only increasing the hostility.


After this, Winnie knew the score and was determined to right what he felt was wrong. He called his close allies and trusted friends Tigger, Piglet, Owl, and Roo. With them, Winnie felt he had a chance to bring down the honey bee hierarchy and again see the day where honey flooded the streets again. This past evening, Winnie finally met up with his trusted comrades some of whom he had not seen in years.

In absolute secrecy they devised a plan, that they felt would result in certain victory. Dressed from head to toe in Wild West apparel they headed to the train station where they would carry out the first of many operations.

On the other side, the bee colony of the Hundred Acre Woods prepared for the worst. They put together a battalion of their most trusted fighters with the highest technological gear. When push came to shove, they trusted their resolve and believed in their cause.

The final outcome of this confrontation is currently unknown. While we can imagine the strife and despair from both vantage points, the tumultuous outcome has left us all wondering if there was a better way. We all hope that some day, the Hundred Acre Wood returns to a beacon of stability and hope.

Part 6: Coming Full Circle

For the final piece in my storyline, Winnie and The Bees showdown in an epic finale which tests the resolve of both parties stuck in their stubborn ways. Well…maybe not. Personally, I like to leave things a little open ended and let the reader do some interpretation. Therefore, this assignment gives a few visual clues one what will occur but in the end is left up to the imagination.

I choose to complete a video mashup assignment called “Movie Trailer Mashup” which uses video editing to combine the potential storylines of different movies into a new storyline. Since Winnie has been pitted against the bees, this trailer combines narratives from both sides into a anticipatory tale. I also made a minor edit to the assignment in using an actual episode of Winnie the Pooh instead of a trailer. However, I did use a trailer from The Bee Movie which came out in 2007.


As you can tell, the trailer is a rather dramatic interpretation of what their final confrontation was like. The bees, who have had enough with the thievery of Winnie and friends, have prepared with high tech equipment and an organized approach. Where as Winnie along with his pals, Tigger and Piglet, have decided to go about it Wild West style.

I completed this assignment, I spent a good amount of time editing video segments in Windows Movie Maker. I started off by searching Youtube for content related to what I had in mind. When I found two scenes that I liked, I downloaded them using which converts them into Mp4s. I also downloaded the trailer from the recent movie Godzilla which served as my narrative and background music.

Since the Winnie the Pooh clip was almost 21 minutes long, I spent a while editing that down to separate clips totaling about a minute and 20 seconds. I did the same with The Bee Movie trailer using about 40 seconds of it. I tried to edit the clips to where the soundtrack rose and fell according to the scene.

Downloading videos:

Screenshot (85)

Video Editing process:

Screenshot (84)


Overall, I’m happy with the way things turned out. Obviously, it won’t be perfect because the trailers are composed of clips trying to promote their narrative and not mine, but worked out anyways.

Part 5: Rounding the Troops

In the second to last installment of Winnie’s great adventure we see him visiting some old friends before his final confrontation with the bees. For this assignment, I re-completed a project that I had done earlier this semester in the form of audio. Many may remember the Sound Effects Story which was a personal favorite of mine, so I was happy to give it another shot.

In this short audio story we hear Winnie walking through the tall grass towards his friend, Christopher Robin’s house. Once making his way through the gravel driveway, he hear him open up the loud creaky door. Inside, he hear some commotion but quickly listen to some greetings from his closest friends. First, there is Piglet who lets out a few oinks. Then, a couple growls from Tigger and hoots from Owl. Lastly, we hear Roo the Kangaroo bouncing around. Sadly, Eeyore decided the plan was a little too daring for him and decided to sit this one out.

In completing this assignment, I used Audacity and I found a couple sound effects for walking through grass ad gravel and added them first. Then came the creaky door which there were plenty of examples for. I knew I wanted to bring some commotion into the fold so eventually I found a sound clip from a small gathering which worked well. Then came the animal sound effects. The effects for Tigger and Roo were relatively easy and they came from the cartoon show itself. However, Piglet and Owl were authentic animal noises which didn’t sound too overwhelming and fit the narrative.

I simply imported these sounds to Audacity and used the time-move tool and cut/paste to edit them into their correct positions.

Screenshot (82)


Part 4: Wanted

In Part 4 of the saga, we edge ever closer to the climax and confrontation that has been looming. For this one, I ended up going with a Visual Assignment which I had not completed before in the WANTED poster assignment.

With the tension building between Winnie and the bees over the honey crisis, things were bound to escalate sooner rather than later. Winnie’s long history of honey stealing and  unsympathetic attitude towards the bees has led them to issue a wanted poster.


As you can see this is one of the more mischievous looking examples of Winnie and fits the narrative that the bees have long proclaimed.

For this assignment, I used a wanted poster generator and chose the basic elements I thought would fit in the poster. The burned edges and parchment paper give the poster a rugged feel. I enjoyed working on this assignment and feel that it turned out well aesthetically.

Poster Generator Example:

Screenshot (76)

Part 3: Making A Statement

For part 3 of Winnie’s saga we see a more political and media savvy version of the pooh bear. I searched for quite a while to find an assignment that would fit the bill but in the end I decided to create something new. This was another jump into design assignments with my photo edited version of Winnie the Pooh making a very important press conference.

Winnie Press Conference

While he may be hamming it up, Winnie understood the severity of the honey crisis and has stated that he will confront the bees in order to see things back to normal.

For this assignment, I did not create a new submission because the theme I chose was relatively narrow. I needed something to tie my story together and figured this was a pretty good attempt.

This was also a lot more tricky than I had originally anticipated. I started out with an image of Ban-Ki Moon the former head of the U.N. addressing the media. I then replaced him with a stencil picture of Winnie the Pooh and used the eye-dropper from another picture of Winnie to match the colors. With a little more erasing and editing I ended up with the final result. All was accomplished using pixlr.


Screenshot (77)

Near end of editing process:

Screenshot (78)

Part 2: The Crisis

The second part of Winnie’s journey involves a very serious crisis in the form of a web assignment. For this, I revisited Storytelling Within the Web and made a few edits to the front page of CNN.

Screenshot (73)

As you can tell, there this a worldwide honey crisis which has been brought on by the bees who have had enough of bears and humans stealing their most precious product. Most worrisome, is that they have stated they will resort to violence if their demands are not met. This could bring a little forecasting about things to come.

For this assignment, I used the X-Ray Goggles by Hackasaurus to edit the html of the webpage and add in my own content. The page originally had another breaking news story so it fit well with the sense of urgency that I wanted to display for this assignment.

Original Web Page:

Screenshot (80)

Part One: The Endorser


This is the first part of my final project!

To begin my tale on Winnie the Pooh, I decided to be creative and make my own assignment to represent the narrative. For this design assignment, I came up with an Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character. Since the overall theme of my project follows Winnie the Pooh, I though it would be fitting to have him endorse honey, which he well known as being a fan of.

I started out the assignment by using an existing ad for Roof Top honey and erased a few of the unnecessary images so that it was a relatively clean looking background. I then found a large image of Winnie that really seemed to match with the idea I was going for. Lastly, I went to and found a really good looking font originally used by the fashion company Hermes. Since this is an advertisement, I came up with a clever quip to reel in the customers.

Editing the image with pixlr:

Screenshot (74)

As I mentioned I also submitted this as a new design assignment and think its a fun way to incorporate different themes with different characters.

Screenshot (79)



Week 13 and 14 Summary

As I’ve come to expect, the content from each week grows increasingly more difficult. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed some of the assignments this week through the use of remixing. It can be a very thin line in the world of remixes. While it is important to give the original artist all due credit, sampling and interpretation of other peoples work is often a mainstay in the creative process. It can be hard to judge sometimes whether or not you’ve appropriated another’s work too much or just the right amount. However, I do think people should be given the right to try even if they end up in the wrong. I think this subject becomes even more weary with the inclusion of compensation and whether or not your trying to make money off the content. For our purposes though, open source and open use I think is very beneficial in the learning and creative process.

As far as the content this week goes there were quite a few assignments I enjoyed and others a bit less so. The Mozilla Popcorn assignment certainly has a wide variety of opinions on it for better or worse. Although I found it tricky and lacking in some essential editing tools, I like the idea of popcorn especially as a free web based program. I thoroughly enjoyed the individual mashup assignment and thought there was a pretty good variety to choose from. Included in this are the assignments I created which although time consuming were very rewarding. The remix generator which somewhat hit or miss. I found some of the options very amusing and interesting but the vast majority were incompatible.

Overall, I can really see the creative purpose of this week. Whereas in other weeks we have been given the task to interpreted or amend other works, this week really incorporated an imaginative process. Looking forward to finishing up in the coming two weeks.


For the first assignment I included my own interpretation of “What is a Remix?” This included my video and a few thoughts on the video list.

My second assignment dealt with Mozilla Popcorn in “Alan Goes on a Vacation Remix”. In this I detail how Alan will prepare for a trip to Hawaii.

The third assignment deals with the remix generator in creating “Creep on a movie scene (Remix)”. Here I recreated the original assignment and added a little kick.

Additionally, I also did three other mashup assignments. One called Will Smith Transformation, another named Rocky Fight Club, and finally Sports Bird Mashup. These use a mixture of video and design editing to total 11 stars out of the 9 needed.

My tutorial for this week gives a detailed account on the photo editing site pixlr and how to use it completing one of the mashup assignments.. Although some may use photoshop or Gimp, pixlr has some of its own advantages.

Finally, I included my two created assignments. One is called Video Game Cover Mashup and the other This Doesn’t Belong Here. Since this was mashup week, both of my created assignments are mashups.


Mashup Assignment Pixlr Tutorial

For this assignment I decided to give a run down on one of the applications I use quite frequently for this class. Similar to Adobe photoshop and GIMP, pixlr is a web based application used for photo editing. It may have its limits in regards to certain details and tools but as a simple application it can be very easy to use.

Specifically, I decided to use this pixlr tutorial on one of the assignment I created this past week called Movie Mashup. In this assignment you must blend two movie posters together. Therefore, I decided to show you every step of the way in greater detail.

1. Upload the two pictures which you desire to mashup.

Screenshot (59)

2. Since the image sizes vary greatly, you will need to adjust them. You can do this by clicking on the picture you wish to change and using the image tab

Screenshot (60)

3. Next, use the box tool on the left hand side to capture the part of the image you wish to copy and paste.

Screenshot (61)

4. Then, copy…

Screenshot (62)

5. Then paste on new image. Click on the move tool to move the image where you want it.

Screenshot (65)

6. With that complete, were onto the the second portion of the task. You should first erase a small portion of the original text and use black paint to match the background. Also, we need to include in the credits Sylvester Stallone’s name in the style of the movie. To do this go to

Screenshot (71)

7. Now upload the generated image to pixlr and use the capture tool. Then copy and paste onto the new image and using the move tool blend it in with the rest of the picture.

Screenshot (70)

While this may be simple to many, at first it was a bit of a challenge to me, so hopefully if anybody wants to use it they find my tutorial somewhat helpful.