Week 13 and 14 Summary

As I’ve come to expect, the content from each week grows increasingly more difficult. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed some of the assignments this week through the use of remixing. It can be a very thin line in the world of remixes. While it is important to give the original artist all due credit, sampling and interpretation of other peoples work is often a mainstay in the creative process. It can be hard to judge sometimes whether or not you’ve appropriated another’s work too much or just the right amount. However, I do think people should be given the right to try even if they end up in the wrong. I think this subject becomes even more weary with the inclusion of compensation and whether or not your trying to make money off the content. For our purposes though, open source and open use I think is very beneficial in the learning and creative process.

As far as the content this week goes there were quite a few assignments I enjoyed and others a bit less so. The Mozilla Popcorn assignment certainly has a wide variety of opinions on it for better or worse. Although I found it tricky and lacking in some essential editing tools, I like the idea of popcorn especially as a free web based program. I thoroughly enjoyed the individual mashup assignment and thought there was a pretty good variety to choose from. Included in this are the assignments I created which although time consuming were very rewarding. The remix generator which somewhat hit or miss. I found some of the options very amusing and interesting but the vast majority were incompatible.

Overall, I can really see the creative purpose of this week. Whereas in other weeks we have been given the task to interpreted or amend other works, this week really incorporated an imaginative process. Looking forward to finishing up in the coming two weeks.


For the first assignment I included my own interpretation of “What is a Remix?” This included my video and a few thoughts on the video list.

My second assignment dealt with Mozilla Popcorn in “Alan Goes on a Vacation Remix”. In this I detail how Alan will prepare for a trip to Hawaii.

The third assignment deals with the remix generator in creating “Creep on a movie scene (Remix)”. Here I recreated the original assignment and added a little kick.

Additionally, I also did three other mashup assignments. One called Will Smith Transformation, another named Rocky Fight Club, and finally Sports Bird Mashup. These use a mixture of video and design editing to total 11 stars out of the 9 needed.

My tutorial for this week gives a detailed account on the photo editing site pixlr and how to use it completing one of the mashup assignments.. Although some may use photoshop or Gimp, pixlr has some of its own advantages.

Finally, I included my two created assignments. One is called Video Game Cover Mashup and the other This Doesn’t Belong Here. Since this was mashup week, both of my created assignments are mashups.


Mashup Assignment Pixlr Tutorial

For this assignment I decided to give a run down on one of the applications I use quite frequently for this class. Similar to Adobe photoshop and GIMP, pixlr is a web based application used for photo editing. It may have its limits in regards to certain details and tools but as a simple application it can be very easy to use.

Specifically, I decided to use this pixlr tutorial on one of the assignment I created this past week called Movie Mashup. In this assignment you must blend two movie posters together. Therefore, I decided to show you every step of the way in greater detail.

1. Upload the two pictures which you desire to mashup.

Screenshot (59)

2. Since the image sizes vary greatly, you will need to adjust them. You can do this by clicking on the picture you wish to change and using the image tab

Screenshot (60)

3. Next, use the box tool on the left hand side to capture the part of the image you wish to copy and paste.

Screenshot (61)

4. Then, copy…

Screenshot (62)

5. Then paste on new image. Click on the move tool to move the image where you want it.

Screenshot (65)

6. With that complete, were onto the the second portion of the task. You should first erase a small portion of the original text and use black paint to match the background. Also, we need to include in the credits Sylvester Stallone’s name in the style of the movie. To do this go to fontmeme.com.

Screenshot (71)

7. Now upload the generated image to pixlr and use the capture tool. Then copy and paste onto the new image and using the move tool blend it in with the rest of the picture.

Screenshot (70)

While this may be simple to many, at first it was a bit of a challenge to me, so hopefully if anybody wants to use it they find my tutorial somewhat helpful.

This Doesn’t Belong Here

Tatooine Wilson

For this created assignment, I came up with the idea of mashing two iconic movie scenes in a subtle way called “This Doesn’t Belong Here”. For some movies, a prop or an image has become the greatest symbol of what the theme or movie was about. I wanted to use such an identifiable tool in an equally iconic movie scene to where it did not necessarily stand out.

Screenshot (55)

In the example that I created I used a background image from the first Star Wars movie which pictures Luke Skywalker staring out at the famous double moons. I then took the volleyball, Wilson, from Castaway and replaced one of the moons. While this isn’t the most difficult assignment, completing it in a subtle way can be challenging. Therefore, it receives 2 Stars.


1. I googled both the Star Wars image and Wilson,then uploaded it into pixlr. Since the sizes of the images were very different, I had to reduce the volleyball by 300 pixels.

Screenshot (52)

2. I then used the lasso tool to copy only the volleyball.

Screenshot (53)

3. Then, I simply copy and pasted it onto the other image.

Screenshot (54)


What is a Remix?


For this assignment I had a little trouble completing in the format that was suggested, but I tried to make it work given what I had. Since, I didn’t completed this assignment until I got back to my dorm and a bit too late at night I couldn’t really interview somebody else but I did my best to recreate this interview style with another person. As for the content, I pretty much gave a run down on what I believe to be the differences between a mashup and a remix. Although I had the general idea ahead of time there were a few things that were new to me. For example, the legality involved in recreating other people’s content. I know its a divisive issue and can really become a concern when people seek to commercialize other people’s content. However, as a hobbyist and student I think we have good intentions and simple want to be creative.

In addition to the audio part, I also took a look at 3 of the remix/mashup examples posted on the assignment page. One that I watched was called The Shining Recut which I felt was a very obvious attempt at a remix rather than a mashup. While it did use a new narration and theme song, the recut was made entirely from the original final and simply manipulated in a clever way.

A second video that I watched was Don’t Tase Me Bro/MC Hammer which I felt was a good example of a mashup. It combined two different pieces of content, one being the John Kerry video and the other a music video. I think it was creative and well blended giving it a humorous appeal.

The third remix I looked at was a redo of famous comic strips by Ryan Dunlavey. I would say this falls into the category of a remix because while the content was new it stuck to one style and didn’t try and bring multiple together. These were well down and creative because while the author followed the style of a certain comic strip it had entirely new artwork.


Alan Goes On Vacation Remix

This assignment was one of the most difficult I’ve done in quite a while. The Mash-up Assignment which is called “Where Should Alan Go on Vacation?” is completed using the web browser program Mozilla Popcorn. Having never used it before, there was a bit of a learning curve in completing this assignment.

I started off with the Popcorn Mashup of Alan in the edited format but soon ran into problems. I really disliked the split scenes and white screens which came up so after tinkering around for a while, I simply deleted them and upload the full video uninterrupted. I then added some pictures and audio to round out the video.

For Alan’s vacation, I had him visit Hawaii with the beautiful sand beaches and great weather. I first referenced this using the map and wikipedia page. I then built on this theme using the lei in his suitcase and the Hawaiian dollar to fund the trip. Additionally, the inclusion of Jack Johnson’s “Better Together (Hawaiian Version)”, I think complemented the video quite well. I finished it by adding a short montage of Hawaii.

Screenshot of Editing:

Screenshot (51)

Creep on a movie scene [Remixed]: DS106-ersizing

The-Warriors DS106

I started off on this assignment not knowing what to expect but eventually found it to be somewhat of a fun and interesting experience. I enjoyed taking a piece of content and making something completely random out of it. The Remix generator itself produces its fair share of great matches and equally dismal matches. In the end, I settled on Creep on a Movie Scene Design Assignment remixed with DS106-erizing.

In this project I had to add myself to a movie scene in a weird and somewhat creepy way. I chose the movie “The Warriors” which is a favorite of mine and implemented my head onto one of the warriors bodies. Additionally, the remix portion called for making the assignment promote ds106. So I added a template in the image calling for all willing volunteers to join the warriors of ds06.

I had originally wanted to interpret someone else’s completion of the assignment however none of the links were valid so I simply decided to make my own. In the end the remix constituted a total of 3 Stars.


1. I started of by downloading the Warriors image off of Google and opening it into pixlr. I then downloaded a picture of myself and implemented the picture on the Warriors image.

Screenshot (47)

2. I then downloaded a new template off of fontmeme.com and created the ds106 advertisement.

Screenshot (49)

Video Game Cover Mashup

Grand Theft Mortal Combat

This week I created a mashup assignment called Video Game Cover Mashup. As a big fan of video games, I’ve always appreciated the artistic styling and designs that go into creating these games. I thought it would be a cool idea to mashup a few of the most iconic video game covers and create something almost entirely new.

Screenshot (42)

I decided to complete this assignment myself combining two video games called Grand Theft Auto V and Mortal Kombat. Initially, I didn’t think completing this assignment on my own would be that difficult. But, after getting the idea in my head, I knew I had the follow through with it. I used the GTA5 theme as the base and added mortal combat characters into the side panelings to round out the image. This is the original GTA5 cover and these are a few of the pictures I used from Mortal Kombat. In all, the concept isn’t the most difficult but for me it was very time consuming and I think worthy of 4 Stars.


1. I started out with the original GTA5 cover in Pixlr.

Screenshot (44)

2. I then erased the pictures that I intended to replace.

Screenshot (45)

3. I substituted these pictures using copy and paste then changed the title to match my intention.

Screenshot (43)

In the end, I was very happy with my end result and I think it was a worthy submission to the assignment bank. I think video game covers are one of the most mashable pieces of content and can create some really cool looking designs.

Will Smith Transformation


For my final Mashup Assignment, I decided to venture into video after making the other two using photoshop. I went with an assignment called Actor Transformation which showed the transition of actors from earlier in their careers to the present day.

I went with Will Smith who has been a Hollywood staple now for the past 20 years. He started off as a rapper in the late 1980’s and has become quite a successful actor. Despite this time span, he has magically failed to age. In any case, its pretty cool to see how things have gone full circle.

In this mashup, I included 5 different scenes showing this transition:

1988 – DJ Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith – Parents Just Don’t Understand

1990 – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

1995 – Bad Boys

2002 – Men in Black II

2007 – I Am Legend

2014 – Winter’s Tale

I created this video by downloading them off Youtube using KeepVid and uploaded them in Windows Movie Maker and simply split off the excess parts of the video. I then used the fade technique to give the video a seem less transition.

1. Adjusting the transition to use fade

Screenshot (40)

2. Final editing procedure

Screenshot (41)

*** 4 Stars ***

Rocky Fight Club


For my second mashup assignment, I decided to jump into the world of photoshop and complete a Movie Mashup in the form of a poster. I thought for quite a while on this one and made a mashup using Fight Club and the movie Rocky. While the plots of the two movies aren’t the same they contain the same broad focus of fighting.

I started off by looking up movie posters for both movies and found one I really liked for Fight Club. I then cut and paste a similar looking picture from the Rocky poster and arranged it with the others. Then, the tricky part came when I had to change the the credit names to include Sylvester Stallone. I luckily found the same font type of the movie poster at fontmeme.com and was able to match the colors to where it blended in well.

1 Created lettering with the same font from fontmeme.com

Screenshot (38)

2. Blending the font with the movie poster

Screenshot (39)

Overall, I think this one came out well and I enjoyed the process.

*** 4 Stars ***

Sports Bird Mashup

Bird Mashup

For one of my Mashup Assignments, I chose to do Your Favorite Teams Mashup. Being a big sports fan this one was right up my alley, so I knew what I wanted to go with ahead of time. I decided to mashup my two favorite football teams, with one being the Philadelphia Eagles and the other the Virginia Tech Hokies. Also, I decided to include a hockey logo from the Detroit Red Wings.

The basic premise of this assignment was simple, but it was tricky at times in its execution. I started off by googling images of all three logos and picking what parts of them I wanted to put on the other. I used the VT Hokie as the base, added the Philadelphia Eagle as the head, and tacked on the Red Wings for the back end. I then did a little more editing to fill in some blank spots.

Pic: Adding the final piece

Screenshot (37)

*** 3 Stars ***