Week 9 Summary

Assignment Summary

This week was great in learning and creating unique design principles. After getting through the audio assignments the past two weeks, I was glad to jump into design which is one of my favorite mediums. Although I don’t have photoshop, I have gained a great deal of comfort with programs such as GIMP and pixlr and look forward to challenging myself in recreating photos with new design principles. This week was also my first time using Pinterest which is something I was always a bit wary of. I was surprised by its ease of use and appreciate the aesthetic appeal which it presents. Although we weren’t able to do the radio show broadcast this week, the other assignments certainly filled my time and allowed for a creative outlet.

For the three Visual Assignments due this week, I completed the Pinterest Dream Vacation, the History Maps Story, and Storytelling Within the Web. As mentioned the Pinterest assignment was something entirely new for me, but I picked up on it quickly and enjoy the look of the final product. The History Maps story was a neat assignment and made use of my Google Maps Skills. There were a few problem here and there but I like the idea of storytelling through traveling. Finally the required assignment of the week, Storytelling Within the Web was a lot of fun and one of my favorite assignments done throughout this class. I’m not very knowledgeable in script writing so I appreciated the ease of use with the X-Ray Goggles. In the end, I completed 6 stars worth of option assignments as well as the 3 star storytelling.

The other assignments I completed this week were more educational and informative. For one I created a Radio Commercial tutorial which gave a relatively detailed account on how to make a commercial like the one due last week. It was a different experience thinking about how to inform and teach others. Secondly, I made an assignment called Honest Video Game Covers which I thought was a fun but time consuming use of photoshopping skills that others could engage in.

Finally, I did three Daily Creates this week and created a short story which tied the themes of all three together. While it was an interesting concept, the variety and types of Daily Creates this week weren’t very conducive to such an exercise however I gave it my best attempt.

Overall, I enjoyed this week a lot and look forward to listening to our radio broadcasts this upcoming Thursday!

My Daily Creates

1. Autumn Thirty Circles Challenge

For this daily create, I went with an autumn theme that incorporates all the things we think about regarding the season. Whether they be the changing leaves, apple picking, birds flying south, or pumpkins we all have our own feelings on the change of seasons.

2. Autumn Emoji Come Alive!

I decided to follow this theme of changing seasons with an emoji that plays off of a very common scene during this time of year. Squirrels are out and about and this one seems ready for fall.

3. Winter is Near

To end this theme of autumn is a solemn yet peaceful winter scene.

Daily Create Story

The cold winds have come. Each and every day shorter than the last. The squirrel has seen this coming, he planned all summer for this moment and now is the moment of truth. The leaves turn in a hue of bright colors, scattering the forest floor with acorns. The squirrel rises early he gathers as many as he can. He has already picked his spot underneath a large oak tree, a perfect place to wait out winter and protect his stash from would be robbers. Soon, the time has come, the trees have lost their leaves leaving nothing for the squirrel besides the brutal days that lie ahead. Quickly it strengthens, the snow falls and the squirrel waits.

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Radio Commercial Tutorial

For my tutorial, I decided to go back a week an discuss how to make a radio commercial. The first time I ever tried it I was a bit stumped but soon figured it out. Here’s a brief tutorial which may speed up the learning curve.

1. Decided what content you want in the commercial. For example, in my commercial I came up with a few witty quips about why listeners should tune in. I then decided that I wanted it in a British accent. To do this, go to Yakitome.com where you have options on text-to-speech. Here is a detailed example:


2. Download music or sound effects you wish to include in the background of the commercial. I used YoutubeMp3.com which converts videos to mp3s.


3. Then, using Audacity import the audio files to where they can be edited.

Screenshot (19)

4. Edit the two audio files to sync at the appropriate time and sound levels that you like.


5. Finally, go to export where you can create the new audio file.

Screenshot (20)

Storytelling Within the Web – NYT Edition

Screenshot (16)

New Webpage

When I first looked over this assignment and noticed the option to code I was a bit worried about how hard this would really be. However, after following the simple instructions on the Mozilla page, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of changing a web page. I thought for quite a while on what site I should change and how to change it. I then thought of all those ridiculous National Enquirer headlines I used to see and decided to apply them to a reputable source such as the New York Times. In the end, I was happy with the way things turned out.

Making Of:

I started of by going to the X-Ray Goggles page by Mozilla and followed the instructions and learned fairly quickly. I then uploaded the application to the Bookmarks Toolbar on Firefox and went to the New York times page. I then clicked on a few headers and pictures and simply added what I was replacing them with. I then clicked the publish icon which gave me the final results.


Changing text

Screenshot (17)

Publishing button in green

Screenshot (18)


Jason Bourne History Maps Story

Screenshot (13)

Link to Google Maps Page

For this assignment, I made a bit of a stretch in terms of a literary figure but I thought it would be a cool idea to do a history map on Jason Bourne from the book/movie series. It’s well known that the storyline involves plenty of globe trotting so it fit perfectly with what I was trying to convey. In particular, I chose the final part of the trilogy called Bourne Ultimatum where he makes his way through Europe and eventually ends the storyline in New York.

Making Of:

The completion of this assignment wasn’t to complicated but there were a few snags. You must first go to Google Maps and click on My Maps. There you can create different destinations in the order that they happened. I also clicked on the description icon and added a storyline for why the character was at that location. The tricky bit was including New York which is not accessible by car so I could not use the directions tool. I simply created a line to show a flight path from Tangier to NYC.

Google History Maps Story – 3 Stars

Pinterest Dream Vacation

Screenshot (12)


My dream trip is to the islands of Indonesia. During my freshman year I took a class called Modern Indonesian History and loved the class and professor. Since then I have grown a fondness for the country and would be my dream vacation.

Realistically, I think this trip could happen but more than likely while I’m still young. A roundtrip ticket is about $1200 plus hotels and other expenses. Another thing to take note would be the 23 hr plane ride which would be miserable. Indonesia also requires a visa on arrival which would be a little bit of a hassle not not too bad.

Another decision would have to be choosing where in Indonesia I would go. Obviously the famous capital Jakarta and the resort Bali, but I’m sure places such as Sumatra are just as incredible.

3 Stars – Dream Vacation